Modern Love Chennai Episode 1 Ending Explained & Actress Name: Modern Love Chennai is an Indian adaptation of the famous American anthology series “Modern Love.” “Modern Love Chennai” is a six-episode anthology series that defines love stories around the city of Chennai.

“Dolls of Lalagunda” is the first episode of “Modern Love Chennai.” Before discussing this episode, let’s know the overview of the story. To come out of a bad past, Shoba falls in love with a panipuri seller, but their love story doesn’t go well.

The story starts with a girl named Shoba, who had an abortion. Her neighbor and friend were with her at that time, and she called the boy whom Shoba loved. However, he didn’t pick up the call from Vaijayanthi, Shoba’s neighbor girl. To help Shoba overcome the trauma, her neighbor takes her to a fake saint who promises that Shoba will fall in love again and love will find her again. Shoba doesn’t believe his words, so she leaves that place.

Shoba and Vaiju work in Shoba’s dad’s biscuit factory, where she meets Nathuram, a Tamil boy who came there to buy biscuits. He is a gentle boy and runs a panipuri stall. Nathuram tries to flirt with her, but Shoba doesn’t care about it. Eventually, she starts liking him. She also comes to know that Nathuram paid for her hospital bill. Gradually, they both fall deeply in love, but Shoba’s ex and his friends don’t like their chemistry. They try to beat up Nathuram and complain about him in the panchayat.

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After all the mess created, when Shoba tries to find Nathuram, she is unable to locate him, and his phone is switched off. Later, we find out that a girl from Nathuram’s hometown came to help him and fell in a relationship with him. Nathuram got her pregnant and ditched her there. It’s Vaiju who finds the girl and helps her get an abortion.

After this horrible incident, Shoba is fed up with love and decides to have a love marriage. Her marriage is fixed with a simple guy. Later on the wedding night, we find out that the simple guy is none other than the fake saint whom Shoba met earlier. Shoba becomes angry, but he calms her down and promises to be a good person. Shoba accepts him too.

One day, on Diwali night, Shoba is returning with her husband when they stop near a panipuri stall. In that panipuri stall, Shobha finds Nathuram serving panipuri with his wife. Shoba doesn’t break down; she stands still and forgets everything, as she is happy with her husband and enjoying a peaceful life.

It’s an unusual love story of Shoba, where she always fails in love. One day she finds a guy who is completely different, but it also ends up badly. However, she marries a fake saint who completely changes for her. The first episode is not up to the mark, but the ending surprise is decent. You will feel stretched, but you will also see the changes in Shoba, from an angry moody girl to a smile on her face.


  • Sri Gouri Priya:- Shoba
  • Vasudevan Murali:- Nathuram



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