M.K Gupta Match Fixing: Netflix original Doc Series Caught Out is now available to stream on Netflix in Hindi, English, and a few more dubbed version along with subtitles, The show is about the Match fixing Incident that happened during the 2000s and the Indian Cricket Captain Mohammad Azharuddin was accused for Match Fixing, One of the most crucial names in the show was MK Gupta, Here we are going to tell you about him and Where He Is Now.

As per the documentary and the CBI Records, M.K Gupta is the main mind behind all the Fixing and was the one who gives money and all other Exoctic gifts to cricketers, As per the series, M.K Works was working for Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim.

One of the most asked questions after watching the show is What Happened to MK Gupta and Where he Is now? M.K Gupta never got any charges against him as there were no rules and laws for Punishing a Match Fixer, So he was never to Jail and he is still Free, He is not in Media for so long and there is a huge chance that he will be in the last days of his life.

Now coming to all other Accused, Mohammad Azharuddin’s ban was later uplifted by Court and the same happened with Manoj Prabhakar and other accused Players, Azhar Contested the 2014 Parliamentary election from the INC ticket and he won that seat too.

In 2019, He was elected as the Chairperson of the Hyderabad cricket board and currently, he is serving his duties for Hyderabad cricket.

Hope this clears all your questions related to MK Gupta and Mohammad Azharuddin, What is your take on this? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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