M3gan Movie Ending Explained: Megan also known as M3gan and styled as MΞGAN has been released into the theatres which is a joint venture by Blumhouse and James Wan which should be enough for the movie-goers to want to watch it.

The story of an artificially intelligent robotic doll that is 4 feet of silicone and is self-aware, learns pretty fast, can control electronic devices, sings, dances, and is pretty spontaneous with her answers, what can go wrong if you have this doll in your house, right? Apparently, too much and that’s what happens in this one. Here’s the ending of the film if you missed it by any chance or need a refresher.

Why Does Megan Start To Kill People?

Megan wasn’t designed to kill anyone, let’s make this one clear. She was supposed to be a companion who was going to support the child in their daily things or basic instructions of their daily life which take about 78% of an average parent’s time, according to research.

So, Megan is supposed to be something extraordinary in that market but here’s how things go wrong. When Gemma designed her or wrote her code, she didn’t code parental controls for her which is the first red flag. With that, she didn’t give her specific protocols to do stuff and her only objective was to protect Cady from physical and emotional harm and that’s what happens.

ReviewMegan Movie Review: James Wan & Blumhouse Strike Again!

Megan finds Cady being bitten by the neighboring dog and then kills him. Secondly, the boy in the outdoor school Brandon who bullies Cady and steals off Megan is injured by Megan until he runs off and gets in an accident, The third kill was the neighboring lady who kept coming to the house threatening after her dog went missing so Megan ends up killing her as well.

However, in the end, Megan’s only objective comes to kill Gemma and be with Cady all her life caring for her. After killing Gemma, her plan was to move Cady to her grandparents and live with her and that’s why she comes back to kill her.

Also, Gemma’s action of decommissioning her made her angry and she came back to take revenge on her as well.



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