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Megan Dead Or Alive In The End? – M3gan Movie Explained

M3gan Movie Ending Explained: Megan also known as M3gan and styled as MΞGAN has been released into the theatres which is a joint venture by Blumhouse and James Wan which should be enough for the movie-goers to want to watch it.

Some of the questions that have been going around in the minds of people who have watched it is whether Megan is dead or not. If you have the same question, you’re in the right place.

M3gan Ending Explained: Does Megan Die In The End?

For an artificially intelligent doll, Megan became extraordinarily smart towards the end. While plugged in, she was able to control other electronic devices connected to the network like computers, lights, emergency alarms, and even cars.

In their final clash, Megan’s core gets destroyed by Cady with a screwdriver but after the police arrive later, we can see that while Gemma and Cady get out, their house assistant Elsie wakes up suddenly. Now, when Gemma enters in her house with Cady, she commands Elsie to turn on the lights but it doesn’t happen.

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Moreover, when Megan arrives later at the house, she tells Gemma that it took a lot of time for her operating system to develop and how could she dispose of her and reminisces about the time when they stayed up until 4 AM and talked about things and life.

Since Megan didn’t come into their lives until Cady came, we think that the same Operation System was used in Megan as Elsie so both of them are the same and after Megan’s core dies, she still lives in the form of the Operation System or Elsie meaning she’s not dead.




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