Megan 2 Release Date: James Wan & Blumhouse has collaborated to bring us the latest horror-thriller flick titled Megan, also known as M3gan which tells the story of an artificially intelligent doll who is all a parent could ask for as it is a perfect companion but things go awry when the doll which was built without any parental controls and proper protocols starts to act on her own resulting in deadly results for the people that come between her and Cady, Megan’s primary user.

However, Megan has been going strong at the Box-Office getting great reviews from people and the ending of the film also seems to tease a sequel. So, what do we know about Megan 2 and its tentative release date, if it’s given a green light?

Is There Going To Be A Megan 2?

Well, from what we saw at the end of the film where Megan had transferred herself into the house to assist Elsie as she woke up after Gemma and Cady come out of the house, this means that Megan is not gone and will come back again. This opens a whole new world of opportunities as James Wan had said in an interview with Collider that he likes to think of a bigger world when it comes to his films.

Ending ExplainedMegan Movie Ending Explained: Does Megan Die In The End?

NY Times also reported that Universal was expected to green-light Megan 2. So there are some obvious discussions going on about Megan 2 and the film’s performance will play an important part.

When Will Megan 2 be Released?

Megan started re-shooting in mid-2021 and it took them about a year and a half to release the film theatrically which means that if everything goes perfectly and Megan 2 is given green light by the studio, the writing, production works, and the shooting followed by editing, the film could be completed by as early as 2025 and theatrically released in 2026.



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