Matt Wright Age, Instagram, Net worth, Wiki: The latest survival show Naked and Afraid: Last one standing is the hardcore competition between people this time 12 constants are fighting for $100,000 grand, here in this article we are going to talk about the contents playing one such is Matt Wright so lets talk about him.

He was the most popular player in the contest he has played more than anyone in the contest and has completed 215 days in the competition, none of the player has completed this much time in the show, he has appeared in many spinoffs and season of the show, on June 26, 2016 he get married to Brooke Wright, he is the owner of Extreme Instinct LLC, where he teaches survival skills and also teaches people how to make different knives and how to live in extreme conditions, his these skills helped him to survive in multiple season of the show.

he was also a great basketball player in his college time and after that also joined American Air Force after that but after an unfortunate incident and injury he was forced to left the force, but he never give up and he also loved hunting, climbing and many other outdoor activities.

As you can see he is very popular among the show audience he has 69.9k followers on Instagram his Instagram post consist of his love for outdoor sports and showing survival skills consisting almost 328 posts, currently you can see him in one more spinoff of the show fighting among other players.

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