Eneko In ‘Muted’ El Silencio Netflix: During the show, you can see that Marta had a boyfriend named Mikel. After that, she entered a relationship with Eneko. However, Marta’s relationship with Eneko also got affected. Why did this happen? We’ll tell you.

Eneko gets affected when he sees Sergio kissing Marta. After seeing this, Eneko gets so angry that he starts beating up Sergio in his own house.

Eneko was so toxic. He was a typical male who believed that if Marta became his girlfriend forever, he would never let her go. Even after these incidents, Marta remained Eneko’s girlfriend. Eneko wasn’t able to forget that Marta was cheating on him with his friend, Sergio. But Marta’s affair with Sergio continued. Eneko started making hard efforts to get Marta back into his life. He connected with Marta’s parents to get her attention, and then he leaked a video of Marta being intimate with Eneko. The way Eneko was treating Marta was totally rubbish.

After this, Marta decided to leave Eneko, just like she left Mikel and Sergio. Eneko was too toxic for her, and she couldn’t deal with a toxic guy for her whole life. That’s a good decision made by Marta.

The character of Eneko was played by Manuel Rios. He is known for show like Elite and more.



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