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Maple Yip : Where Is She Now? Instagram | Jeong Soo Jeong | In the Name of God | Netflix

Netflix’s latest documentary series ‘In The Name Of God’ is a story of four Korean religious leaders, who impacted the lives of many people inside and outside the community, Maple Yip is one of the victims of this incident, so let’s know where is she now and who is she.

Maple is known by the Korean Name ‘Jeong Soo Jeong’, Many of you were looking to know more about her and here we are going to tell you the same.

Who is Maple Yip?

Maple was Born in Canada as per records on the Internet and then she grew up in Hong Kong, China, one day she met a woman in the mall who tells her that she is from her school and can help her overcome this difficult time in her life, frustrated Maple Yip trusted her and tell her about her life problems.

He introduced her to the JMS group and her name was Myeong-Seok, but as soon as she started getting to know the group she discovered that they are just fake, and they bullied her and other girls very badly, like clicking their photos in bikinis and forcing Maple to touch her private part in the name of god, Maple Yip also tries to hurt her many times, but she is a fighter after escaping from their she first becomes a singer and then a news anchor by the name as Jeong Soo-Jeong, the name given to her by the group leader.

Image – Netflix

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Where is Maple Yip Now?

After her escape from there, she openly exposed Myeong-Seok’s actions and gets arrested in March 2022, now she awaits trial, Maple Yip is very strong as she does a press conference despite getting many threats from the group, as of now Maple has also been linked with Alex Fong, a former Olympic swimmer.

As of now, she is not in news for the last few months, and there is no update about her recent activities.



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