Mansoor Watson Now?: Mansoor Watson was the one who was on target on social Media after her Daughter Amirah Watson goes Missing. Finally after lots on investigation and his efforts, He finally manages to get her daughter back again. Now here we are going to tell you more about him, Where he is living now and is he Married again or not.

As per latest media Reports Mansoor is living great life with his Daughter Amirah and his newly wed wife Sheen. He is living with family in Somewhere near North Carilona. For all those who are unaware about the case. Here we are going to tell you everything about Mansoor, Her Daughter and her Ex Wife.

Mansoor was married to Tynesha and they have Child named Amirah. Tynesha and Mansoor decided to Part their ways due to conflicts and after lots of court case and fights, Mansoor got the custody of Amirah.

On 31st Jan, Tynesha took Amirah with her and she was suppose to return her on 2nd Feb. 2020, but She runaway with her daughter and Amirah goes missing. Amirah’s father Mansoor files a Complaint and after investigation the officers finally manage to locate Amirah with her Mother in Georgia.

Tynesha was arrested and Amirah was again handed over to his father and the case closed here.



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