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Luther The Fallen Sun Ending Explained: How Was Luther Able To Track Robey To Stop Him?

Luther The Fallen Sun Ending Explained: Luther: The Fallen Sun is a British action crime thriller film that is the story continuation of the British TV series of the same name. This film was created by Neil Cross and is directed by James Payne, who also directed some episodes of the series.

Whereas in this article, I am going to give a proper ending explanation of the film, where I will try to break down all the details of the ending of the film, whereas this film follows the story after the end of the series, and there are more details about the ending in this article.

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Quick Recap

As the story moves along, we see that there is an investigation going on into the disappearance of the cleaner named Callum, whose investigation is handed to Luther but pulled after the serial killer named Robey leaks about his details and ends up in jail. Then, we see that Callum’s mother receives a call from the people whose family member is missing; they burn them in the flames and the scene shifts.

After that case is assigned to DCI Odette Raine, we see that the killer named Robey tries to make Luther angry by sending him a radio message in which Luther tries to escape from the prison with the help of his film named Dennis, and then they begin to hunt for Robey.

Scene shifts where we see that while searching they were able to track him down; where we see that he is organized for the mass attack on the multiple people who are committing suicide by his plans but he is able to escape from them; where Luther again tries to capture all the details about the plan about him; and where we find that Robey blackmails multiple people with multiple sources about their secrets.

After that, we see that Luther tries to convince the people about his plans the Robey, but Raine wanted Luther to lock him up, but the scene shifts where we find that Raine’s daughter is being kidnapped by the Robey, and he tries to threaten Raine with him and he tells her to get rid of the Luther so that she is able to see her daughter again.

Ending Explained

On the other hand, we see that Luther discovers that Robey’s wife is still alive, and as a result, Raine agrees to work with him to discover the details and the location of the place where they discover that Robey is at Snowy, where they discover that there are too many dead bodies, and she suspects that her daughter is among them.

In the end, we see that Robey tries to run from there where Luther tries to chase him while Raine still fights with the henchman of Robey, whereas Robey’s car ends up in the frozen lake where he tries to escape but can’t get out of the frozen lake where they are saved but Luther is arrested, and then he wakes up and he is taken to the safe house and the film’s story ends.

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This is all about the ending explanation of this film, whereas we see all the details about the film and more details covered in this article. Please let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.


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