Luther The Fallen Sun Review: Netflix recently released an action crime thriller film named Luther: The Fallen Sun, which is the direct sequel and follows the continuation of the British TV series of the same name.

In this film, the main lead reprises his role as John Luther, where this time he is again investigating a case that happened in the city, a young cleaner who is being murdered, and other details that we see in the film.

Whereas in this article, I am going to recap and try to tell you whether it is worth watching or not, whether it is necessary to watch this series before watching this film, and more details about the film than we have already covered in this article.

This film follows a story similar to the series where the killer tries to kill the person, and in this film, it follows the disappearance of a young cleaner named Callum Aldrich, whereas there is a serial killer who is also a wealthy trader named David Robey who calls a cleaner and then he disappears, where we see that now this case is assigned to the Luther where he promised his mother named Corrine that he would definitely find her, and more details we feel while watching the film.

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Later, we see that the story changes and everything falls on Luther, and he ends up in the prison where the killer is still on the loose and tries to do more killing with his unique style, which is good to watch. The scene shots of the different places are epic and cool to watch.

Besides that, the story of the character is a little bit stretched, whereas the first half of this film is a little dragged, but the fans of the show are really going to enjoy it. Besides that, for me, it feels like every film where there is a serial killer and a policeman who tries to find the killer has some twist.

Whereas the background music of the killer feels cool, the story feels stretched. On one hand, the action scene is perfectly choreographed, and the color gradient of everything is perfect, but on the other hand, the story feels like they simply stretched the episode to make it into a film.

Rating: 3/5

At last, this film is special for Luther fans, and for a new audience, it feels good to watch, but do not expect too much from this film. Some scenes of this film are perfect because, if you haven’t watched the series, you may feel unconnected with the character, but the story you understand fully, and you must enjoy it while watching.



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