Lust Stories 2 Story 2 Explanation: The second short film of “Lust Stories 2” is “The Mirror,” written and directed by Konkona Sen Sharma. It stars Tillotama Shome and Amruta Subhash in lead roles.

It starts with Ishita, a designer who is always busy with work. One day, when she returns home in the afternoon, she notices her maid Seema Didi being intimate with her husband on her bed. Upon seeing this, she immediately runs out of the room. Later, Ishita changes her bedcover but secretly enjoys recalling the morning scene.

She then goes back to the room at the same time and watches their intimacy in the mirror, enjoying herself as well. This proves that Ishita is a lady voyeur who loves watching others enjoy s3x and does nothing to stop them.

One day, Seema discovers that Ishita has been watching and enjoying their encounters. However, one day, Ishita makes a noise by mistake, alerting the couple, and Seema and Ishita start fighting each other. Ishita fires Seema, but she faces problems as she is unable to find a perfect replacement for Seema. On the other side, Seema also struggles to find suitable work.

This episode reveals several things. It depicts a division between the upper class and lower class people, as Ishita cleans the bedsheet that Seema uses for s3x. Despite this, Ishita finds s3xual satisfaction in observing their intimacy. The mirror serves as a reflection of the truth in the modern world, where an upper-class lady has everything but isn’t happy, while a lower-class lady finds happiness in the smallest things.

It also illustrates the problems faced by families in modern Mumbai, where a small house creates difficulties. Seema and her husband are not in a good situation; they are unable to go to a hotel, and they can’t engage in their activities at home because they live with their child. So, Seema goes to where she works.

This short film ends with a realization from both sides. Seema understands her mistake, as does Ishita. Ishita gives her door keys to Seema, assuring her that she can be comfortable in her room. This act of giving the house key demonstrates trust, and Seema accepts that Ishita can come in the afternoon without making any noise.

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