Lust Stories 2 Story 3 Explained: The third short film of “Lust Stories” is “Sex With an Ex” by Sujoy Ghosh. It stars Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia.

The story starts with Vijay, who is on a video call with his girlfriend and is on his way to meet her. While he is focused on the video call, he gets into an accident. After the accident, he reaches the city named Paraisol on a guy’s cycle. The city looks like a fairy tale, but something is already amiss.

He soon arrives at a mechanic shop and asks them to repair his car and provide him with a telephone to make a call since there is no signal. However, they inform him that the phone is dead. While roaming in the city with a coffee, he discovers a room where a group of middle-aged men and women is dancing, with a girl instructing them. Vijay tries to remember where he has seen her before, and later, he meets her. The girl introduces herself as Shanti.

Vijay asks her where she was because Shanti used to be his wife who suddenly disappeared. While talking with her, a policeman approaches and warns Vijay to leave the city as soon as possible. Despite the warning, Vijay goes to Shanti’s home. Vijay asks for milk because he wants to make coffee, but Shanti replies that he doesn’t need milk for coffee. This confirms to Vijay that Shanti still remembers him.

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While talking with Vijay, Shanti reveals that Anu is his current wife and that Anu is behind her disappearance. Later, they engage in a sexual encounter, and Vijay apologizes for being unable to control himself. At this point, Shanti realizes what happened to her in the past—Vijay had sex with her and made her pregnant. Vijay wanted to marry a rich girl to become wealthy and tried to get rid of Shanti. Eventually, he marries Anu.

From here, we understand Vijay’s character as a womanizer who is unimpressed by any lady. Even after getting married, he continues talking to other girls and meeting them. Later, he faces an accident, which shows that he is unable to control himself and consistently makes mistakes because he doesn’t care about his responsibilities. Eventually, he may have died and entered the afterlife, where he finds things to be unusual. He discovers that his ex-wife has become even sexier than she used to be.

When Vijay realizes that Shanti remembers her past and understands everything that happened, he kills her. The police arrive, and when they call for Shanti, Vijay gets trapped inside after killing her. Later, the policeman finds a replacement key, opens the room, and Vijay escapes through the window.

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He realizes that his dead body is being removed from the car. He understands that he was already dead, and Shanti’s words, “Didn’t I tell you to leave?” clarify that Vijay couldn’t control himself and had already made a mistake. Shanti’s words make him aware of where he was headed and what he was doing, but he is an unfaithful man who died in vain.



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