Lust Stories 2 Explanations Story 1 Explained: The first short film of the “Lust Stories 2” anthology is “Made For Each Other” by R. Balki. It stars Mrunal Thakur, Angad Bedi, and Neena Gupta as lead characters.

It starts with Ved and Arjun’s families arranging a meeting for their marriage. Veda and Arjun already know each other through social media—what they love to eat and their goals. Now it’s time to set the final marriage date. Ved’s grandmother comes to know about them and listens to everything, but she isn’t satisfied.

She asks if the boy is compatible sexually or not, as she believes sexual satisfaction is crucial for a lasting marriage. If either of them is incapable of sex, their marriage won’t last long. This is an important consideration for this generation. Veda and Arjun enjoy “Dadi’s” words, but their parents feel ashamed. Later, Veda talks with her grandmother and shares about her past days with her husband.

A grandmother shares that her relationship with her husband was beautiful, and sexual compatibility made her happy until her husband’s death. Veda enjoys their conversation but deeply understands that what Grandmother is saying is the truth. Veda and Arjun soon start getting to know each other better. They go to hotels to determine if they are made for each other or not. Furthermore, Grandmother tells Veda’s parents that they should also be comfortable with this, as it will make both of them happy.

This episode ends when Veda tells her grandmother that she and Arjun are both satisfied. This is a story of this generation, where the writer tries to explain that marrying someone without knowing if they are sexually compatible or not can destroy one’s whole life. Therefore, safe intimacy before marriage is necessary to ensure that both partners are fully capable. After that, Veda and Arjun get married.

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Grandmother sharing her room for their first night indicates that they are indeed made for each other.



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