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Lockwood & Co Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained

Lockwood & Co Episode 2: Episode 1 of the show was amazing and it ends at great twits, Now here goes the recap, Summary, and ending explanation of episode 2 of Season 1 of Netflix’s original show Lockwood & Co.

Episode 2 of the show starts from where episode 1 ended, Lucy and Lockwood are on the Ground, Lucy is having hallucinations of Norrie, Her Friend from Jacob’s Agency, When Lucy opens her Eyes, She found herself in the Hospital.

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On the other hand, we get to see that Lockwood was in Investigation room and the Investigator asked them to Pay 60k Pounds to the House Owner in 2 weeks as they completely destroyed her house, On the other hand, Lucy runs away from the Hospital and returns back to the Lockwood House.

George is still researching the Incidents in the House and they came to know that the body which was dumped in that Chimney belongs to an upcoming Hollywood actress Annabel, who went missing, Lucy feels that She needs her help.

At midnight when Lucy was sleeping, she feels that something is above her and when she opens her eyes, she gets to see that the Same Ghost from that house is Just above her, She asked for help and informs Lockwood about everything, They team up together and fights with the spirit, after the intense fight they finally managed to control that spirit.

Lucy still thinks that the Spirit needs her help, and she managed to Agree with Lockwood on it, When Lucy gets into the Past with the help of that ring that she finds out in the House, When he goes into the past, She came to know that Annabel was Chocked to death by her Partner Hugo Black.

Anthony thought that this case is super famous and he can make good money if they get into the news with that Money they can Pay 60k Pounds, A Company that controls the activities of the Ghost Hauting agency warns Lockwood that if he doesn’t fire Lucy, their agency will be shut down.

On the same Night, a masked man enters the Lockwood’s House, Lockwood came to know that, and even after the tough fight, that masked man manages to escape from there. Anthony got disappointed again as he thinks that, the ring is stolen which was the Key to the Annabelle murder case, when George and Lockwood thought they are losing the case, Lucy comes with a surprise that, she has that ring in her Pendent and that ring is not stolen.

Episode 2 Ends Here, You can also Check the Episode 1 Recap and Explanation on our website, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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