HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is still the reigning champion when it comes to weirdness and stupidity as its peak but keeping it informative and humorous is still one of the best pointers making it a must-watch every week.

This week’s episode did the same as John dived into the main story straight which focussed on US’s 1 year anniversary of withdrawal from Afghanistan and made us aware of the aftermath of the debris that is left after the major swing and miss by the US.

The Episode focussed on the major testimonials from Afghan people after the US’s withdrawal regarding what their condition is, from frozen healthcare budget to having 0 budget for the hospital to function to the citizens having to sell their kidneys in order to feed their families. It shed some light on how the population of girls who went to school for studying that had increased from 0 to 40% in 20 years is now to 0 back again.

The pressing issues that Afghanistan is facing with no little than less support from the countries. US has taken some steps to support them but not enough as the US is facing a backlash from its elected officials that they do not support this because the Taliban is the official governing body of Afghanistan and giving money to the country would be giving it to the Taliban.

The Episode gave us big insights into the current condition of Afghanistan and how dire the situation is and what immediate action is needed.



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