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John Oliver Married A Cabbage!! Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 20

John Oliver Married A Cabbage: HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on this week’s episode i.e., 15th August 2020 delivered one of the weirdest and easily fan-favorite episodes not because he did something stupid or weird as he keeps on doing every other week.

This time, after talking about the main story that focussed on the aftermath of the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the condition of the Afghan people right now and how grim and dire the situation looks, John talked about AI and how trendy it is right now in which an image gets generated just on the basis of the entered text.

This was a rabbit hole that one of the show’s employees went into and found Late Night Hosts searches with John’s results totaling to close 500 results. What came later was a series of images that told a story in which John Oliver was marrying a cabbage and later eating it in his sleep which was a bit dark to look at but one image that John was not convinced by is the marriage of him and the cabbage which he wanted to correct so instead he showed a real marriage of himself and a cabbage on LIVE!. The wedding ceremony was performed by Steve Buscemi and that was a treat to look at.

The Episode was a treat for the fans and we loved it! Here’s to more of this weirdness from John for ages to come. Please comment and let us know what you thought of the Episode.


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