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Fast & Feel Love Thai Movie Review

Fast & Feel Love Thai Movie Review: “Fast & Feel Love”, a much-awaited THAI Romantic Comedy film coming from the director of famous titles Heart Attack and Happy Old Year has been released on Netflix recently. Starring Nat Kitcharit as the Male Lead followed by Urassaya Sperbund as the Female Lead, the film packs a lot in terms of different genres and that is not new considering the director’s choice. Here’s our review of the movie

The film in its core tells us about the issue with most couples that end up in break-ups and that is poor communication. Our lead is Kao who has never been good at anything other than cup stacking and wants to compete at the world level for just that his goal is to become the world champion and after breaking the world record, he will have the opportunity to go abroad and maybe settle there.

Here comes the catch, his long-time girlfriend who cares for him like a baby, taking care of his daily needs from breakfast to his bedtime and doing all the chores for him so Kao doesn’t have any disturbances in his routine and is able to concentrate on improving his time in cup stacking.

Due to lack of communication between them and Kao’s tendency to not allow any drama in his life, his girlfriend leaves him because she wants different things and then starts a journey for Kao. He realizes that without his girlfriend caring for him, he’s like an adult baby that doesn’t know what to do. The film feels like a romantic comedy and then it introduces a coming-of-age theme that works very well.

It has cinematography that will feel a bit different to people and it’s a bit slow at places. It does require some patience but all in all, it is a feel-good film that deserves the praise it had gotten from audiences all over the world. The film ends on the note that after growing up, the couple that broke up doesn’t get back together but they start their different journey cherishing the moments that they had spent. Kao buys the whole house to himself from his girlfriend because he wants to keep feeling what he had felt when his girlfriend was around.

The film ended on a good note that people will argue about whether it was a good choice or not and why the director chose this ending. In the end, both of our leads went on their paths happily and Kao grew up. Isn’t that what we are, in real life? Growing constantly or maybe a bit late with people coming in and out of our lives? If that doesn’t mirror life, then what does?

Final Verdict: 3/5

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