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Kuzuryu In Alice In Borderland – Who Plays ‘Kuzuryu’ In Season 2?

Kuzuryu In Alice In Borderland: Alice In Borderland Season 2 has finally aired after a year-long wait which might seem long for the fans who were pulled inside the unique plot of the series. However, after a long break, one might have difficulty remembering the characters of the series which are recurring.

Kuzuryu is Played by Abe Tsuyoshi, He is Known for famous shows like Boy Over Flowers 1, Boys  Over Flowers 2, and the Final season, Abe is also known for the shows like Tokyo Girl.

He’s the number 2 of the executives at The Beach and comes right after Hatter who dies in Season 1. However, it was Number 2 Kuzuryu’s idea that he takes the reins of The Beach after Hatter’s death.

He is returning to Season 2 after he escapes from the Beach after it burns down, He turns out to be the King Of Diamond.

This was all about the Kuzuryu In Alice In Borderland Character?, what do you think about the show?, Please let us know in the comments.



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