Koel in ‘Class’ Series Netflix: Koel is one of the main characters on Netflix’s Class. Koel is a student at Hampton School and a very good friend of Yashika and others, Koel’s boyfriend’s name is Sharan and their se3xual life is not good.

If You watched Elite then you know everything about it, here we are going to tell you about the real name, Instagram and some more details about the actress Playing Koel.

Who Played Koel in Netflix’s Class?

Indian actress Naina Bhan Played the lead role of Koel in Netflix’s Class. She only worked in Amazon’s Made in Heaven. Naina Bhan is multitalented, she was a graphic designer and you can see some of her work in Behance.

She has also done some Lenskart ads, She also directed a Music Video Called Khan Market Gang and You will be shocked to know that the guy who played Sharan was in that song.

Shetotalsl has 10k+ Followers on Instagram @nainabee.

Tell Us, Are you happy With The Casting or Not?, for more news and updates related to the show, stay tuned with us.



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