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Yashika In ‘Class’ Netflix | Actress Name, Instagram, Age | Who Plays?

Yashika ‘Class’ Netflix: Yashika is one of the main lead characters from Netflix’s Class. Yashika is one of the students at Hampton International School and has a Lot of Followers on Instagram She is a Spoiled Student.

Veer is their boyfriend of Yashika and they have a good relationship, Yashika is trying to get the Hampton International School Gold Scholarship where she will get the chance to study abroad, but she is rich and if you want to know why she wants to get the Scholarship you should see the series.

Who Played Yashika in Netflix’s Class?

Actress and model Ayesha Kanga Played the role of Yashika in Netflix’s Class. She worked in The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir, Mega Icons, The Blood Priestess, and TV ads for VIVO, Oppo, and more. She is also a Graphic Designer.

She totals 20k+ Followers on Instagram @ayeshakanga



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