Kim Ye-Hyun In Physical 100: Physical 100 is Netflix original show that was released on Netflix, The show is a Tv show, Kim Ye-Hyun is one of the Participants in the show and here we are going to tell you about the Physical 100 Show contestant.

Who is Kim Ye-Hyun in Physical 100?

The 100 Fittest People from Celebrities, Influencers, Special Services, and Bodybuilding have to play the toughest and hard-core challenges and win them, Of 100 People only one Person can win the Cash and the honor of becoming the fittest one.

Who is Kim Ye-Hyun in Netflix’s Physical 100?

Kim Ye-Hyun is a trainer, sports model, and former fencer. He’s the representative of Fit & Hill Fitness. Fencing is a game where two people combat each other by stabbing or contacting with the sword. Kim Ye-Hyun is a former fencer which means that he is very good at combat.



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