Kim Ki-Soon Cult ?: The third most crucial and important Cult case from the Netflix original show is Kim Ki-Soon, She got a massive fan following during her time, and when everything comes out everyone was shocked.

Here we are going to tell you more about her case, He Real Image, and some other crucial and important Points related to her life.

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Kim Ki-Soon has high hopes for her life from the beginning, She was married to the son of a son of Pastor, and from where everything started, Later she founded Baby Garden which gained so much popularity among the people, she asked people to live with her following a set of strict rules, in which couples were not allowed to sleep in the same room, however, he sleeps with many men’s daily.

As per media reports, she is also the reason behind the death of a 5-year-old Choi Nak-Gwi, who said that he is cursed, and after his death, she asked her mother to sign a fake death warrant saying that he died from a heart attack.

Where is Kim Ki-Soon Now?

After his son’s death, his father wrote a letter to authorities asking arrest of Kim Ki-Soon, but as soon as the police goes to raid Baby Garden and arrest her in 1996, she ran from there, and after returning she said that she is not guilty of any crime, and when the court asked child’s mother about his death she is told by the members sticks to the heart attack story so the court couldn’t prove her guilty.

Kim Ki-Soon
Image – Netflix

So as of now, she is still the leader of Baby Garden and running the group, Although there are no recent controversies about her and her Popularity has gone down massively after the case.



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