Korean reality shows have become a new trend on Netflix following the success of their latest show, “Singles Inferno.” The platform now presents another survival show called “Siren: Survive the Island.” The show features six teams, each with their unique skills and talents, competing against each other.

This competition demands both mental and physical strength. A total of 24 participants are part of the show. In this article, we focus on Kim Ji, a participant playing for the Firefighter team. The team is led by Kim Hyeon-ah, who brings valuable experience to the field.

Kim Ji’s social media presence includes an Instagram account with approximately 450 followers. We expect her follower count to increase after viewers witness her on the show. She has made a total of 42 posts, mostly consisting of her workout routines and videos, showcasing her love for fitness. Other posts feature her travel diaries and more.

You can check her profile at https://www.instagram.com/re___119/

What do you think? Will Kim Ji’s team be able to win this competition? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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