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Kim Hye-Ri Instagram, Age, Wiki – Siren: Survive the Island | Netflix

Kim Hye-Ri Instagram: Netflix is back with another Korean survival show after “PHYSICAL 100,” but this time the cast consists entirely of female players divided among 6 teams based on their skills. Each team consists of 4 players, including a leader.

The leader is responsible for creating a perfect strategy for the team to compete in various physical tasks and complete objectives while protecting their bases from the other teams.

Each base has a flag on top, and the location of the bases is unknown to the other teams. However, if a team discovers the base of another team, they have to take the flag from the top and capture the base. In this article, we are going to talk about Kim, who is leading the police team.

Kim used to work in the police department in South Korea and is now leading a team on the show. As for her social media presence, we are still searching for information about her on Instagram. We will update you as soon as we find some information. Stay tuned with us, and if you are also watching the show.

Instagram: N/A

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