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Kiichi In ‘Burn The House Down’ : Who Plays?, Character Explained

Kiichi In ‘Burn The House Down’ : Kiichi plays an important role in the series. People want to know more about him so we will discuss who played the character of Kiichi with an explanation of his character.

In this series, the character Kiichi is played by Asuka Kudô. He is a 31 years old Japanese actor. He made movies like “Your home is my business “(2016), “To each his own”(2017), ” Kyojo”( 2020), “Teppachi “(2022), “Natsuzoro”(2019), “Fake marriage”(2015).also some his series are “Women document detective “(2018), “Nippon Noir”(2019), “Flowers of Algernon”(2015), ” emergency interrogation “(2014-2021).

Kiichi is a older son of Makiko. As Makiko believes it’s Kiichi who is behind that for she always hides her from everyone .kiichi also hates her mom Because of her deeds. He used to spend a dark life inside the room and hated lights. But lights come up as an Anzu in his life. Anzu always loved him since childhood. They Both used to see stars together. Anzu slowly made him completely fine .

On the other side, Kiichi also loved her. But, Kiichi knows his brother Shinji was behind the fire So he took the blame on himself. Later his brother confessed his fault and everything became all right. At the end of the series, Kiichi became the husband of Anzu and started a happy life.

That’s all about Kiichi. Hope your quarries are cleared if not then you can ask in the comment section.



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