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KGF 3 And Salaar Connection In Teaser

“Salaar” is the highly anticipated movie of 2023 directed by Prashant Neel. After back-to-back failures at the box office, “Salaar” will be the last option for Prabhas’ career. The reason for the huge interest in this film isn’t only that it’s the biggest action movie, but it also exists in the “KGF” universe.

So, fans are already busy trying to find out the connection between “KGF” and “Salaar”. After the release of the teaser announcement poster, the release time seemed very odd. From this, we developed a theory that 5:12 am is the same time when Rocky was attacked and drowned at the end of “KGF Chapter 2”.

After today’s release of the “Salaar” teaser, it has created even more hype among the masses. The teaser was actually a glimpse of “Prashanth’s World”, which is set in the backdrop of the “KGF” world. Not only that, it also introduced Prabhas and Prithviraj. In the teaser, we spotted a warehouse labeled “C-516”, which was also shown in the post-credit scene at the end of “KGF Chapter 2“.

And finally, we are going to discuss one more theory. So, it’s our assumption that Salaar is actually the big brother of Farman, who lost his life in “KGF Chapter 2”. Because some sources have said that there might be 5 songs in the movie and one of them may be a dedication song for his deceased brother.

These are all the theories we have come up with, which prove that “Salaar” is going to be a part of the “KGF” universe. For more hidden details and Easter eggs, stay tuned with us.



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