KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained ? Rocky Dead Or Alive?

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KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained” The way KGF  2 ends leaves everyone in the confusion, there are lots of questions that needed to answer, You are here it means you just want to know what happened next and what happened in the ending of the KGF chapter 2, here we are going to explain the everything related to the film.

If you are going to watch the film on the big screens, Just a small suggestion don’t leave your seat just after the ending of the film, wait for the Post credit scene and you may end up getting some amazing clues about the KGF Chapter 3. There are some spoilers ahead and if you haven’t yet watched the film, then stop reading it from here and first go and watch the film.

Why did Rocky Kill Guru Pandian?

Just before the ending of the film, When Adheera enters into KGF and gives the biggest loss for Rocky to date, Rocky now goes to the Indian Parliament with his Army and Killed the Guru Pandian who was behind all these things, After this Ramika gets into fear and she ordered ARMY  to end the existence of KGF and Rocky, Rocky Knows this is going to happen and He evacuate everyone from KGF and sent them a new shelter, KGF New Town.

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Rocky Dead Or Alive?

There is no evidence that Rocky is dead, Although we get to see in the ending of the film that is he going down to the Ocean after the Attack on his ship by the Indian Army, i am pretty sure that Rocky is not dead yet, In the post-credit sequence we also get to see that there is a Draft for KGF Chapter 3, it means it is almost confirmed that Rocky is alive and all these things were part of His Plan, We may get to see something like Netflix original film ‘Extraction’ where Chris is still alive. Well, everything will be cleared in the KGF Chapter 3, and makers have already given a hint of that.

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Now the question comes to mind what would be the story for the Next Part? the answer itself is in the film, when you watch the Post credit scene, One of the people tells Ramika that the CIA and Gulf country is Behind the Rockey too, it means in the next Chapter we may get to see how Rocky dominated in Europe and Gulf.

This was all about the KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained, what are your thoughts about the film?, Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.

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  1. A draft of Chapter 3 doesn’t necessarily mean that Rocky is alive. It could just be a record of all his activities abroad.

  2. Rocky is alive because he gave fax to Indian Navy that i am coming
    And he promised that he wants duniya
    And duniya doesn’t mean Indian i think it was Rocky plan

  3. i think rocky is dead. because the CIA and the gulf gives the report to Ramika Sen about what he did in the foreign countries from 1978-1981. the attack on rocky on the sea happens in 1981. so i think, chapter 3 is a prequel to chapter 2. we may get answer from chaptre 3 about his business in the foreign countries and he could have calculated the navy attack and could have made a deal with them to rescue him out. it can be in both the ways. But i think he is dead.

  4. Rocky isn’t dead, there are various reasons,
    1. Reena gets a dream that something bad happens to Rocky, what if the scenes after that is the dream?


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