Justified City Primeval Episode 2: In the new city Marshal Raylan met with new troubles he came here for a vacation but was involved in unexpected murders. This time he has to face Clement. How he is going to tackle him? What’s gonna happen? Let’s know this in the episode-wise recap of episode 2.

Let’s back to 2017 Detroit City. Marcus Sweeton aka Sweety enjoying with his men and Clement reading there with his men. He takes out money from them because they are drug dealers so they must have lots of cash. Later he killed everyone without Sweety and left the place by taking out all money & drugs. Three days later of the incident, He asked Sweety for a lawyer and police found him and arrest him. In the jail, he met with Carolyn Wilder as his lawyer.

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Now let’s back to the present, Raylan with his daughter staying in a hotel for vacation. Right then he got a call and it was time to leave for duty so he left his daughter there and went for his work. Willa stays in the room watching TV and then she heard noise from outside so she left. At the market, she bargained and bought a fake watch. Roaming over the city she went to some abandoned place

Clement is with his girlfriend Sandy in a room where he is watching TV news and right then the police called him and went to meet her. Raylan reached there and started interrogating Sandy but not searching Clement who is inside the too. They knew Sandy have good relations with Clement. Clement was Astonished to see a marshal in the case. Raylan with Detective Robinson found Sandy’s car with a scratch. Later they wait in the parking to notice Sandy moving somewhere with her car.

Justified City Primeval
Justified City Primeval

They followed her and reached the bridge. Right then Carolyn called Raylan as she wants to meet him. Sandy went over the bridge and tried to throw the gun into the water which Clement used to kill Judge Guy. Unfortunately unable to do that and left the place along with that Gun. Then she went to Sweety’s beer shop where she hide that gun in the ceiling and broke her shoe.

Raylan net with Clement in Carolyn’s office. So, Carolyn is Clement’s lawyer who hated Raylan. Raylan met her and said Clement used to kill people but Carolyn said she have to do her job.

Later he went to the casino with Detective Robinson to meet Sandy. They asked Sandy what was she doing near the bridge but Sandy prefer not to say anything. She became frustrated as the detective and marshal can’t let her alone. Detective Robinson assumed that Clement must give the gun to Sandy so he went into a safe place. After that, they went to Sweety’s beer shop to interrogate him.

They asked him about Sandy and what was doing in this bar. As they assumed Sandy must hide that gun there, Sweety saw them bunch of guns he hiding in the shop so he don’t know where she hide that gun. Right then Carolyn also reached there. They both doubted each following so after that Raylan left there.

Clement went to the same hotel where Willa is living with her dad. Then she got a call from Clement and they started t talking with each other. After Raylan tried to connect with her daughter but she was unable to pickup the call when he reached found Willa missing and got a letter. He immediately went to the restaurant and found Willa with Clement doing dinner. Raylan took Clement recklessly and beat him badly to stick with his daughter. That shows how Raylan used to be in his past days.

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Raylan’s angry and cool attitude Justified his character but now he has a daughter and she can’t bear this type of madness with her dad. When Raylan badly beat Clement she was there watching and crying and that’s how episode 2 ended. Father’s & daughter relationship is cracking on the other side Clement is freely roaming the city so let’s see whats gonna happen next.



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