June, who plays the character, explained: June is a supporting character in the series, but she has a huge role. She is the stepsister of Mr. Too. As people want to know about her, we are going to discuss her with a character explanation.

In the series, the character June is played by Charlette Wasita Hermenau. She is an 18-year-old Thai-German actress who was born in Bangkok. She has appeared in series like “Sassy Matchmaker” (2023), “The Kinnaree Conspiracy” (2022), “Ded Peek Nangfah” (2018), “Leh Ruk Yah Jai” (2017), “Wimarn Mekala” (2016), “Full House” (2014), “The Sixth Sense 2” (2013), “Kaen Sanaeha” (2013), and “Mermaid’s Love” (2012). She hasn’t done any movies yet.

June is the stepsister of Mr. Too. She is not happy in her life, as she is admitted to a boarding school where some girls always bully weaker ones. The only person who understands her is Lilly. June loves Lilly, but when Lilly denies having that kind of relationship, June gets angry.

June starts to harm her horse, steal her things, and even post about their affair on social media. Later, June also gets hold of that camera. She is very frustrated and ready to delete everyone in the college, but it is Tong who stops her. On the other side, we see that she realizes her fault too. Eventually, she moves on and deletes all photos of her and Lilly.

That’s all about June. If you want to know more, ask in the comment section.


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