Josip in ‘Faraway’: Josip plays a crucial role in the movie he is the one who is living in a house that Zeynep’s grandmother has purchased for her 15 years ago but after her death when her granddaughter came to live there heartbroken she did not know about this that someone is already living in the house.

what will happen next to know this you can watch this movie streaming now on Netflix, In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actress who played the role of Josip Cega in the movie.

Who Played Josip in ‘Faraway’?

German Actor Goran Bogdan played the role of Josip in the latest Romantic Comedy movie.

Who is Goran Bogdan?

He is a German writer and actor who has done roles in many German movies and series some of his works are Father (2020), Agape (2017), and Sonja and the Bull (2012).In 2023 you can see him in the latest Netflix Romantic Comedy movie ‘Faraway’.



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