Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 16 Recap & Explained

John Oliver To Radiant Plumbing, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver S10 EP3 Recap & Summary

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back with another Season and new issues to focus our minds on. Episode 3 focussed on Ron DeSantis and how his policies are not exactly what he describes and what he is, is simply another Trump.

John dived straight into the story about Ron DeSantis about his history and how his policies are unbelievable but his views on Florida being the freest state of the US.

However, the highlight of the Episode did not come until the last 5 minutes when John showed an advertisement for Radiant Plumbing, a local plumbing Company in Texas which was a parody of Avengers Infinity War. But what followed is something only John can do. Here’s what happened afterward

Radiant Plumbing did not just make that one advertisement but did others and John did not just stop at one, he found more and showed us more which were a Parody of Dune called Toilet Dune and then a Terminator Parody titled Toiletnator.

It seemed like there isn’t a movie that Radiant Plumbing cannot turn into a movie so he offered them a proposition where he asked them to create an advertisement out of a movie that John had chosen and if they do, it’ll be featured on the show and there’ll be a $10,000 to the Central Texas Food Bank by him.

However, the details of the film that John had proposed are unknown, it is inside a sealed envelope and will be revealed if Radiant Plumbing accepts their conditions. They have one week to respond to the offer. Well, certainly got us excited about it with this, didn’t he??


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