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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 9 Finale: Clowns On Unicycles Everywhere!

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 9 Finale: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver just released its season finale and something we all know from our past experiences is that John never ends the season without chaos that’s what we were expecting and that is what we got but before we get to that, John focussed on a key story as the last Episode which was The FIFA World Cup that just kicked off in Qatar and how the World Cup Federation was rigged right from the start.

John started off by mentioning that Qatar was unfit to host the World Cup right from the start despite their challenges and the solutions provided by them and also mentioned in the Discovery+ documentary “The Men Who Sold The World Cup”, Qatar shouldn’t have been chosen as a World Cup host ever.

Not only that, the Human Rights issues that Qatar already has and highlighting the ones that it did create by hiring immigrant workers from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh and highly underpaying them under the Kafala system with inhumane living conditions and making them work in the scorching 52 Degrees Celsius temperature, Qatar was able to build a lot of infrastructures very fast, including a city that didn’t exist before 10 years but now it does but is completed on the concept of modern-day slavery. What FIFA says they represent and what they do, is completely different and John wanted to highlight that to us.

John then revisited this year’s weird stories telling us that it has been a very weird year and then moved to the AI Images segment that he did which has still kept increasing in huge numbers with one user, searches going up to 15000 images. One image that did get highlighted was

“After recovering from his unicycle accident, John Oliver returns to his show where he does one of those “John Oliver has HBO money” stunts, like I guess he ties together 100 unicycles in pairs of two because “that’s what nature intended” or something, and then there are like 50 clowns on stage riding the dangerous John Oliver bi-unicycles and then John is like “that’s our show, see you next week””.

So, since he didn’t get an image that perfectly captures the feel of the above text, because the whole concept of chaotic clowns wobbling around in unicycles sounded like a perfect metaphor for the weird year that all of us have had and well, that is what he did.

Then starts coming to a swarm of clowns on unicycles honking with John Oliver saying bye to us for the time being and he will be returning in February next year.

Till then, be safe, and let’s come back to watch Last Week With John Oliver Season 10 in February 2023.



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