Jin-Seok and Min-Young Still Together?

Jin-Seok and Min-Young Still Together? | Single’s Inferno’ Couple Current Status? | Instagram

Are Lee Jin-Seok and An Min-Young still together?: One of the most liked and loved relationships in the show is the love goals between Lee Jin-Seok and An Min-Young. There was a slight rift in their relationship when Min Ji entered into the relationship, and Jin Seok got confused between the two, but very soon everything was sorted. From that day onward, these two seemed like they were made for each other.

Even on the finale day, Jin Seok and Min Young were the only ones to choose each other, as there was no one between them. Both participants expressed their gratitude to each other for being nice and good to each other throughout the show, and now, finally, they are together even at the end of the show. An interesting fact is that they also went to Paradise with each other on Day 1.

Many of you were asking about their current relationship status and what they are doing now. They are still living together happily, according to our confirmed sources. They are under an agreement with Netflix, and this is the biggest reason why there are no pictures of them posing together.

The show is over now on Netflix, and very soon the contract period will be over. We may get to see new pictures of them on their social media handles super soon. The followers of both participants increased rapidly after the show.

Min Young has around 280k followers on Instagram, and Lee Jin Seok has more than 358k followers as of now. Their follower count was very little when the show started, and one thing is sure: the show went pretty well for Lee Jin Seok.

You can also check the Instagram handles of both here: Lee Jin Seok | An Min Young

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