Janick Areseneau Dance 100: The Newly Released Netflix Dance Reality Series Dance 100 Features A Big Number Of Dancers And Choreographers All Of Them Are Trying Very Hard To Win This Show The Grand Prize Of 100,000 Us Dollars For The Winner.

The winner Will Take The Grand Prize Home This shows Consists of 100 Dancers In That Professional Dancers And Dance Groups Will Take Part. Many Participants Are Going to take part we’re going to tell you about the participants

The One Of The Contestants Of The Show Is Janick Areseneau;

Janick Areseneau Is A Professional Dancer From Bathurst She Said She Is Dancing Since The Age of 3 When She Turned 18 She Started Dancing Professionally she Said At Tough Times Dancing Really Helped Her Very Much She Previously Taken Part In So You Think You Can Dance Canada And She Came On The Forth Place Won The Prize Money Of 5000 Us Dollare In That Show. Now time for dance 100.

Her Instagram I’d Is janickarseneau.



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