Jang Shin-Yu Who Plays?: Jang Shin-Yu is the main protagonist of the series “Destined With You.” As people want to know about him, we are going to discuss who played this character and also provide character explanations.

In the series, the character Shin-yu is portrayed by Ro Woon. He is a 27-year-old South Korean actor, singer, and model. Some of his notable series include “Wedding Battle” (2023), “Tomorrow” (2022), “The King’s Affection” (2021), “About Time” (2018), and “Find Me in Your Memory” (2020).

As Shin-yu is the lead character of this series, he has a significant role and story. We can say that he falls in love with the female lead Hong-jo. However, their journey starts off quite roughly. Shin-yu works as a lawyer but lacks any interest in his profession. He is afflicted by a genetic disease, as diagnosed by doctors, yet he senses something inexplicable around his body.

Most of the time, when he overthinks, he imagines a bloody red hand around his body, symbolizing the curse he carries. This curse seems to be connected with Hong-jo, possibly from a previous birth. As Shin-yu is the owner of an old shrine, he crosses paths with Hong-jo.

According to a Shaman named Eun-wol, the bloody hand that Shin-yu sees actually represents Hong-jo’s hand. In a previous life, Shin-yu killed her, and now it’s the best time to break this curse by forming a connection with her. Shin-yu gradually approaches her and attempts to understand her, marking the beginning of their chemistry.

That covers everything about Shin-yu. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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