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Lee Hong-Jo In ‘Destined With You’: Who Plays? Actress Name and Character Explanation

Lee Hong-Jo In ‘Destined With You’: Lee Hong-Jo is the female lead character of this series. As people are eager to know about the actress who played her, we are going to discuss it along with providing character explanations.

In the series, the character “Lee Hong-Jo” is portrayed by a 32-year-old South Korean actress. She has only starred in one movie titled “Innocent Thing” (2014). Some of her other notable series include “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” (2020-2023), “Forest” (2020), “My Strange Hero” (2018-2019), “Goodbye to Goodbye” (2018), “Sweet Stranger & Me” (2016), “Temperature of Love” (2017), and “The King’s Doctor” (2012-2013).

Hong-jo is the female protagonist of this series. She has experienced a life of complete solitude, lacking both parents and friends. She worked as a social worker, but her colleagues consistently avoided her.

This led to her transfer to City Hall to work there. Hong-jo’s life takes a turn when she is assigned to work at the old shrine, where she encounters Shin-yu. In the series, it’s revealed that she is the owner of a wooden box containing a magical book. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything about it, but she begins to predict spells. Perhaps this is how she will make new friends.

So, that wraps up everything about Hong-jo. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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