Jamtara Season 2 Review: Netflix’s crime thriller dredges deeper into the world of phishing and fraud with bigger scams but ends up being a middle-of-the-road watch with many faults.

As before, the show starts strong on the shoulders of a capable cast and sterling offering values. If the first season entrenched the rivalry between Sunny and Brajesh, this time it’s hard to know who you should genesis for. There is a little insanity in everyone. Corruption and disorders have spread like a contagion.

The show showcased demonetization alluring, spotlighting the ‘complications’ faced by chiselers due to the unforeseen step. The show also highlights how individuals have started to grab onto the fact that they are being diddled.

While broadening the gamut of the show, the makers give a sidelong glance to a lot of things in Season 2. The show just meddles with subjects and never goes extensively to give us a clear picture. Take relationships, as an example, no bond is traversed more.

This also has an effect on the larger context like the topic including the caste divide and beef ban raised but never to be discussed more than that one scene or a couple. So the effect is never adequate to undergo and make an impact on the viewers.

FINAL VERDICT- Season 2 entertains us but that is not the only thing it sets out to pull off. Less effective than the forerunner but manages to fascinate even with what’s obtainable. With the confirmation of another season in the end, the makers have given a better climax this time, hope they do better in the entire season 3 too.

MY RATING- 3.5/ 5

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