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Dhokha: Round D Corner Ending Explained | Who Killed Sanchi?

Dhokha: Round D Corner Ending Explained: Dhokha: Round D Corner has been released in the theatres near you and for people who have watched it already, you must be surprised with the ending and that unique metaphorical touch that the lead characters gave us.

The film is a web of lies that intertwine beautifully but it’s the ending that gets to you and you wouldn’t even expect it. Here’s how it goes.

After Yatharth Sinha played by Madhavan goes to the apartment with the ransom of 50 Lakhs, he finds Haqgul & his wife Sanchi standing and what follows is the sound of several gunshots, and the police rush to find that Sanchi has died and is in the arms of Yatharth while Haq gul is sitting in a corner mumbling that he did not kill her.

Due to Yatharth’s amazing plan to keep poisoning his wife and continuing his affair with her psychiatrist, Haqgul gets another death sentence in court but it isn’t later that we realize that the ACP Police Officer Harishchandra Malik is the person Sanchi was having an affair with and it was Harishchandra who let Haqgul go voluntarily with a plan that he would specifically go to Sanchi’s house and kill her.

The reason for that is, he had begun to understand the mental volatility of Sanchi well, and Harishchandra was a married man himself. The plan, if executed correctly would result in Haqgul’s death sentence being canceled and that’s what happens. In the end, Haqgul is made off as someone with mental instability with a fake medical report and he gets sentenced to a mental hospital it is after his successful treatment that he will be executed.

This is all going nicely but this is what gets to you. Hangul, from the story, that he told to Sanchi he was a gullible young man who came to Mumbai to make his life better but instead he was deceived by his own family and now he’s a terrorist. The entanglement of different stories and how people are deceiving each other spanning a web of lies around each other and plotting to kill the very girl that he has fallen for.

After the court order when Haqgul is getting transferred to the hospital, we see that he indeed has lost his mental stability, not because he lost his love but the lies and real faces of people that he saw in just one day.

In the end, he says this dialogue that gets to you if you had paid attention.

“Sabhi Jhoothe Azaad Aur Sach Pagalkhaane Mein Kaid.”

“Liars Roam Free and Truth Lies In An Asylum, Captive.”


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