Netflix is bringing back-to-back gripping reality Dating shows, We’ve Witnessed Blockbuster seasons of Too Hot to Handle, Deep Fake love, and many more Now Netflix is back with it’s original reality show The Ultimatum Which became a new trend within a few hours of streaming audiences are quite enjoying this show they want to know more about this.

Now Talking About the Contestant James and Instagram Handle Details.

James is a 24-year-old graduate student And Research student. He’s still studying in University He’s not in any hurry to get Married but his partner Ryann is very curious about their relationship that’s why she has given an Ultimatum To James and James also accepted It.

They’ve been together for the last 7 years at the age of 16 they started dating Each other but they’re facing many problems and because of that they became a part of this show.

His Instagram I’d Is @jamesmorris_g98



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