Island KDrama Episode 1 Recap: Amazon Prime Video’s “Island”, a new K-Drama has been released recently on the streaming platform with its first two Episodes out in the first week. Based on the Webtoon of the same name, the Drama tells us a mythical story about Jeju Island where evil resides and was sealed off but is now getting stronger and soon will take over the world.

To stop that, God has sent a savior and the savior has a destiny of her own with the past and the other characters’ lives intertwining with hers. Island tells us a story about long-forgotten promises and broken friendships, Here’s the recap of the first two Episodes.

Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 starts off with a re-telling of mythology about the start of destruction in a Catholic Church, the image of the savior starts to get colored with blood and we’re told the prophecy about a savior that was sent to kill the evil but before she could do that, she was stabbed by a man.

The evil is now growing stronger and the savior will be once again sent. We’re introduced by Won Mi-Ho who is the daughter of the CEO of Daehan Group, a very influential group. We see her business strategies and how she and her aunt aren’t on good terms and how his aunt in collaboration with Won Mi-Ho’s secretary plots to defame her which forces her to step down and go to Tamra High School in Jeju Island to teach for a while.

Right as she enters Jeju, she encounters the bride we saw in the first Episode who has been turned into the lust demon as she runs after Won Mi-Ho to kill her but is saved by Ban.

Ban continues to save her the second time as well when her secretary, Mr. Kang turns into the lust demon after being stranded in the middle of the road after she learns about his betrayal from an investigation.



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