The first 2 episodes of the Korean Drama Show Island are now available to watch on Tving and Amazon Prime Video, we had already covered the Recap of Episode 1 in our last article, and here goes the Episode 2 Summary, Recap, and Explanation.

Episode 2 Recap

As Secretary Kang gets turned into a lust demon, he attacks Won Mi-Ho as she runs into the forest but Ban comes to her rescue and kills the lust demon after creating an invisible barrier so the demon does not escape. Ban who keeps looking at her like he knows her and even wants her to remember something does small talk and then leaves her. His father’s secretary comes there along with the Police who don’t believe her story.

After that, we see Ban’s childhood story as to how his whole village was killed by the Lust Demon, and being the only survivor he was taken by the Buddhist monks along with other kids and forced to turn into a hybrid by using the Lust Demon’s blood.

He also reminisces about a girl who wanted to save him and leaves after an incident to learn how to turn the hybrids into normal humans again and asks Ban to wait for her.

The Episode moves forward with Ban and Won Mi-Ho conversing in her hotel room where she offers Ban to keep protecting her for a price to which Ban disagrees at first but after watching her using sleeping pills and all of this being too hard on her, he agrees to do it but doesn’t mention the price.

The Episode ends with a memory of Ban who remembers when the girl came to save him as she was the saviour and he became overrun by the lust demon and ends up stabbing the savior woman.

The Prophecy that we see in which the saviour was killed by a man is in fact Ban who killed his savior who is now reborn but doesn’t remember anything and it’s Ban only who does.



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