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Ishita In Lust Stories 2: Who Plays, Actress Name | Character Explained

Ishita In Lust Stories 2: In “Lust Stories 2,” Ishita plays the lead character in the second story. Many users want to know about the character and the actress who played her, so we are going to discuss her and provide a character explanation.

In the second short film, Tillotama Shome portrays the character of Ishita. She is a 35-year-old actress who won the Best Actress award for her role as a housemaid in the movie “Sir.” Besides “Sir,” she has also appeared in films such as “Qissa” (2013), “A Death in the Gunj” (2016), “Chintu ka Birthday” (2019), “Children of War” (2014), “Kadvi Hawa” (2017), and “Sold” (2014), among others. She has also worked in several series, including the recently released “The Night Manager” (2023), “Tooth Pari” (2023), and “Delhi Crime” (2019).

In Story 2, we see Ishita as a graphic designer. One day, she comes home and discovers her maid, “Seema Didi,” having s3x with her husband in her bed. She immediately runs out of her room and takes a deep breath. As a high-class woman, she washes the bedsheet where they had s3x.

However, when she imagines their intimate scene, she also experiences pleasure. Soon, she becomes a voyeur, regularly observing their intimacy through a mirror, which also gives her sexual pleasure. One day, Seema didi catches her red-handed, leading to a clash between them, and Ishita instantly fires her maid. Later, she realizes her mistake and her own pleasure. One day, she meets her maid in a grocery shop and gives her the room key, proving that Ishita still has deep trust in her.

That’s all about Ishita. If you have any remaining queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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