Operation Nation

Is ‘Operation Nation’ Based on a True Story? | Netflix

Operation Nation is Based on a True Story: The latest Netflix’s Polish Comedy Drama movie is now streaming on Netflix the movie is available in English and Polish language, Many of you were Just curious to know Idea and the story behind the film. Here we are going to tell you if the film is based on a real or true story?

So, here is the answer the movie is not based on any true story or incident;

However the movie shows the real accept of life such as about society, politics, and racism, and was also based on the time when Hitler supporters were very active, but the movie also shows the love story between the two people so the movie has taken some part form the history but is not really inspired and based on any real story or news in the past.

This may be the reason why many of you thought that this movie may be based on the real story of real events, Hope you get your answer about whether the series is based on a real story or not.

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