Interrupting Chicken Season 2 Release Date: Interrupting Chicken is an animated kids’ comedy-drama series that is based on the award-winning book series of the same name written by and illustrated by David Ezra Stein and follows the story of a family of chickens.

Interrupting Chicken follows the story of the Chicken family, where we see that Papa Chicken has plans to find his daughter and son, named Piper and Benjamin, and leave them to read the story, where they choose to study The Three Little Pigs. After that, their dad explains the story in the place of the author and tells him to learn more things about them.

Interrupting Chicken’s voice cast includes Juliet Donenfeld, Mary Faber, Jakari Fraser, Maximus Riegel, Luke Lowe, Sterling K. Brown, and more. This animated series is written by Ron Holsey, produced by Clint Eland, Lunsford, and more, and created by Ron Holsey.

Season 1 of Interrupting Chicken is now streaming on Apple TV+, and they loved this series. If you are waiting for the new season to release, then Apple TV+ will renew this series within months, and if everything goes well, we can be able to watch season 2 around the end of 2023.



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