Infected 2030 Eros Now Review: I was having no idea that this is going to be a short film, when I opened the movie on eros now I was surprised to see the timing of the film, it was 23 minutes, well, I just finished the film and here is the very short review of the film.

The movie stars Chandan P. Singh and Noyrica Bhateja in the main lead roles and there is no one else in the film, the movie is written, directed, and produced by Chandan P. Singh. The movie is family-friendly and now streaming on Eros Now in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles.

The movie shows the condition related to the present scenario, the movie showcases the time of 2030 where infectious disease is killing people and there are no beds available in the hospital, A Couple is living in an apartment but they can’t see each other as the wife is infected from the disease, the series would show, how the disease changed the lifestyle and the relationship of the couple.

Coming to the plot, the plot of the film is very simple and has nothing extraordinary to show you, I don’t know why Manik doesn’t allow her wife to use Mobile Phone, the ending is more like a safety documentary and the movie looks like an advt. campaign. There is no use of VFX, music is just simple and I think it is the lowest budget short film ever made. Coming to the performances, the actors have done a decent job and they have nothing much to show in terms of performances, dialogue delivery is good and they both look promising.

I am going with 1 out of 5 stars for the series, my expectations were too high for the film, and Eros Now needs to re-think about their content management, we can’t pay the subscription fee for the content which is like an Advt. film or a youtube video.

This was our review of the film, what are your thoughts about it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more reviews and updates like this follow us on social media handles.


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