Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review Netflix (Spoiler Free): One of the much-awaited Netflix original series Who Killed Sara is back with another season, the season 2 of the series just got released and I just finished the web series, here in the post I am going to give a spoiler-free review of the series, I am going to talk about the positive and negative points of the series.

The web series stars Manola Cardona, Carolina Miranda, and Ximena Lamadrid in main lead roles, the series is created by José Ignacio Valenzuela and the series is now available on Netflix in Hindi and English audio with subtitles, please note that the series is not family-friendly. So avoid watching it with family and Kids.


Season starts where it left, Alex finds a secret diary of Sara which leads him to a grave buried in his backyard. would he still try to find out who killed Sara?? It had been proved that Sara was a Psychopath but did she killed herself as it was mentioned in the diary, that she was willing to. Alex’s problems increase when he is under investigation due to a grave found in the backyard as he is an ex-con. And now you get to know Diana The Hunter, so why was she helping Alex?? A lot of questions have been answered in this season…So to know what happened to Alex, Elisa, Don Cesar, and Mariana and who was the killer? you will have to watch season 2 On Netflix.


Manola Cardona (Alex) has kept his level the same as season 1, he never disappoints you. Gines Garcia Millan (Don Cesar) was the character I was looking forward to because he had nailed his performance in season 1, but in the second season, his screen time is reduced compared to the previous season, but he killing with his performance in this season too. The other cast from the series was also freaking good everyone doing justice to their character and no one lets you down.


The series keeps you engaging from the start as the suspense keeps reveling and this is the thing which this series has from the beginning that is suspense. The Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Location, etc. everything is just perfect definitely no backlogs in that. What I missed is the thrill in the last few episodes as there is lots of suspense but not a thrill which will keep you hooked and grip starts coming off, but overall it is a very good series. Music at some places is awesome which provides a major boost to the series. Although the killer is revealed in season  2 by the makers, there are still lots of questions, which are unanswered and there are high chances of season 3.

  • Name Of The Series: Who Killed Sara
  • Season: 02
  • Release Date: 19th May 2021
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended?: Yes (If You Loved Season 1)
  • Family-Friendly?: No
  • Review By: Veer (Reader Review)


I am going with the 3 out of 5 for the series, the series is better than season 1 and it has lots of chilling moments, although few episodes seems draggy, still if you loved its first part, you are going to love the second for sure, Please don’t watch it with kids and Family and the series is now available on Netflix.

Review By Veer Marathe (Insta – veer.marathe_09)
Reader Review

This was our reader Review of WHo Killed Sara Season 2, what are your thoughts about the series? please let us know in the comment section, for more reviews like this stay tund with us.


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