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Indrakant Verma Real? Ram Setu | Name, Image & More

Indrakant Verma Real: I was planning to discuss this thing for a long, after some research and info gathering, finally here i am going to tell you about the Real Name and Name of the Person behind the character of Indrakant Verma in the Ram Setu Movie.

So, as per the movie Indrakant Verma played by Nassar Khan is the Head of the Sethu Samundram Project and is the main financer of the Project too, while searching on the Internet we found that Shri A. Subbiah was the Head of this Project and he was also the head of Sethusamudram Corporation Limited.

Axis Bank was working as the Finance Help for the Project and the Bank was responsible for the loan arrangements, In the film, we get to see that Indrakant Verma has both money and Power, but in the real Sethu Samnundram Project, there was no such man.

So as per the incidents, we can assume that the Character of Indrakant Verma is slightly inspired by the real-life character of Shri A. Subbiah, who was Head of Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, however, the Business Man angle of Indrakant doesn’t match with Shri A. Subbiah.

We can conclude that Indrakant Verma’s Character was not based on a fully real character, but it was loosely inspired by the Shri A. Subbiah character.


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