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Noise (2023) Movie Ending Explained | Netflix | What Happened To Matthias & Timmy?

Noise (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Belgium thriller film Noise is now available to watch on Netflix, the film is getting Mixed responses from Critics and reviewers, You can also check our detailed review of the film too, The film was very confusing for many and here we are going to tell you about the Ending Explanation and the summary of the film.

Before we Jump to the summary and Recap, Let’s have a look at the star cast, for a better understanding of the film, The Belgium thriller is directed by Steffen Geypens and it stars Ward Kerremans as Matthias, Sallie Harmsen as Liv, and Johan Leysen as Pol.

Coming to the story of the film, The film starts with a Flashback where we saw that A Lady is moving towards a Pond, A man is running behind her and then the screen goes blank and then we saw a new couple Liv and Matthias who has just shifted to the house with new Infant. In the next frame, we get to see that when Liv and Matti were trying to have a Private moment, That infant starts crying and spoils the mood, we get to see this thing often even at midnight due to which Mattias was not getting Proper sleep.

The next morning, Matthias saw that his Father is roaming around the Garden, Matthias’s Father was living in the Old Age Home and Matthias ask him to come with him and they move towards the old Age home, On the way to their Old Age Home, Matthias’s dad told him about his Old factory and asks him to dig dipper into the Past.

When Matthias starts investigating, He gets to see some shocking documents on the Internet, He then also Visit his dad’s factory with his wife’s Brother Timmy, At the factory, Matthias saw the dead and half-decomposed body of an animal in the Factory, He then comes back to home again and the in the Nigh again that Infant starts crying and his sleep was disturbed, The same goes for 3-4 days and in just 3-4 days, Matthias was a changed man, He looks irritated, Angry and really disturbed, he also starts listening some strange sound and he even saw a Ghost in his own house.

ReviewNetflix’s Noise (2023) Movie Review

After doing research Matthias gets to know that, there are lots of people who died in the accident in his father’s factory, He also thinks that his father is Innocent and thus he is trying all his hard to prove the fact right, He goes to the Factory again and he was alone this time, Timmy follows Matthias, by accident Matthias hits Timmy and Timmy falls to Ground, Matthias got Panicked and he runs away from there. He thinks that there are some dead bodies under his house too and he starts digging in his own house, In all this, he damaged the Water supply Pump and water was all over in the room.

On the other hand, Liv is now sure that something has happened to Matthias and thus to confirm things, he goes the Pol, Matthias’s Dad, Pol here confirms that Matthias’s Mother was a Mental Patient and he was suffering from various mental issues, here we also get to see that, Matthias’s Mother Killed herself by drowning her into the Lake (The clip that we get to see at the beginning of the film), Matthias’s dad also confirms that he is in guilt that he can’t save his wife.

Liv now rushed to the house as she thinks that something is going on in Matthias’s mind, When she saw that Matthias is drowning in his own dug hole, She Jumps into the whole to save him, but soon she also starts Drowning, Here Matthias’s Dad Plo arrives and they both manage to save Matthias, The film ends here, But there are many answered questions.

Timmy Dead Or Alive?

One of the most asked question after the end of the film is, Is Timmy Dead Or Alive, So Timmy alive, In the last few minutes of the film, we get to see that, Small Kids find out about Timmy and there is a high chance that they are informed someone after that, and most probably Timmy is Alive? However, there is no confirmation of this from the makers.

What Has Happened To Matthias?

Another crucial question from the film is, What has happened to Matthias, and why he was behaving like this, As per our theory, There is a high chance that Matthias got the same Mental illness from his mother and that’s the reason he was listening to those strange sounds and horror visuals, There was nothing in the factory and all was his imagination, His childhood was very traumatic and that may be the another reason behind his mental illness.



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