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The Idol Episode 3: Recap And Ending Explained

The Idol Episode 3: Episode 3 of the show starts with Leiya, Jocelyn, and Tedros going together on the ride. Leiya is riding in the car, and Tedros and Joce are romancing in the back seat. Leiya is very concerned about Tedros’ behavior as he is taking over for her and making all the decisions on her behalf.

The three of them stop at the shopping store where Jocelyn usually buys new clothes and designs. Here, Tedros is also deciding on all of Leya’s clothes and buying too many clothes and accessories for her. At the store, Tedros also threatens the store manager and asks him not to choose clothes for Jocelyn. In another incident, Tedros slaps Jocelyn’s family doctor and fires him from the job. The doctor says that Tedros can’t fire him as he only takes orders from his boss, Jocelyn. Jocelyn follows Tedros’ lead and does the same.

Jocelyn and Tedros get physical again in the store’s fitting room. On the other hand, ‘Chaim’ calls Leiya to know about Jocelyn, and she is very concerned about all of this. Tedros even warns Leiya that from now on, he will take over everything related to Jocelyn.

Joss and Tedros, along with Leiya, return to Jocelyn’s house, where Chaim and Destiny were already waiting for them. Chaim and Destiny meet with Tedros, and Chaim asks him if he made that song for Joss. Tedros replies that it was the effort of both of us, Joss and me. Chaim asks Joss to make three songs for the upcoming tour and adds that the songs should be chartbusters. Joss promises Chaim that she will do so, and then Chaim leaves. In the car, Chaim and Destiny express doubts about Tedros, and Chaim says that Joss is in trouble. Just after they leave, we again see Tedros and Joss get physical.

In the frame, we also see that Dyanne, who used to dance in the background for Joss, is now shooting as the lead in the song, and Joss has no idea about it. That same night, Joss hosts a dinner and thanks everyone for being in her life. Joss also adds that she is happier than ever before and thanks Tedros. Xander then suggests that Joss should use the leaked photo as her upcoming album picture. Tedros supports that too, but Leiya and Joss don’t like the idea, and Joss says that it goes against her. She wants to become a long-time runner in the industry, and these things are not going to help with that.

During the dinner debate, Tedros and Xander say that Joss thinks too much about people, which is why she always makes superficial music. Tedros also asks Joss about her mom. At first, Joss denies telling anything, but then she tells everyone that her mom used to beat her with a hairbrush if she failed to do any task, dance, or anything that she did against her will. After this, Tedros asks if that is the main reason why she lacks motivation, as her mother is no longer there, and if that is why she is not writing songs anymore. Shockingly, Joss replies yes, and Tedros asks her to bring that hairbrush.

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In the last minutes of Episode 3, we see Tedros, Xander, and a few more from Tedros’ team hitting Joss with that hairbrush, and she is in pain. The next morning, Joss says to Tedros, “Thank you for taking care of me,” and the episode ends there.

Now, coming to my opinion about the episode, it is clear that Joss is now under full control of Tedros, and he can do anything with her. It seems like Joss has been manipulated, and now she will do whatever Tedros tells her to do. In the upcoming episodes, we will see how things unfold. I am pretty sure that Tedros is going to fire Leiya for sure in the upcoming episodes. Let’s see how things go.


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